What is the DMR Method? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

When you tell your kids they are being a pain in the neck, you may not be exaggerating as much as you think. Bending to help your children eat, bathe, go the bathroom, get dressed, pick up their toys, color a photo, clean a scrape and search for monsters under their bed can take a toll on your body.

Back pain can range from annoying to debilitating and when you have kids to shuttle to soccer practice, dinner to cook, work to finish, or a workout to squeeze in, managing back pain is likely the last thing you want to do.

When trying to manage severe back pain, surgical procedures can be expensive and painful with several weeks of recovery time. When you want to effectively reduce or eliminate your back pain with a nonsurgical approach, consider the DMR Method.

What is The DMR Method?

The DMR MethodThe DMR method, short for Decompress, Mobilize, and Rehabilitate, is an advanced, nonsurgical method of care for chronic and acute neck and back pain. It is the result of years of research, conversations with medical doctors, spine surgeons, physical therapists, and chiropractors. This method requires no surgery and no medication, and it yields significant results.

Who Benefits from the DMR Method?

You may qualify for DMR Method treatment if you experience moderate to severe neck and back pain. The DMR Method has successfully treated: pain caused by a herniated disc, sciatica, headaches, fibromyalgia, postural issues, or spina bifida. If you suffer from acute or chronic pain in your back or neck, consider the DMR Method.

Is The DMR Method Safer than Surgery?

Yes. All surgeries inherently have risk associated with them. From blood clots to infections, surgeries are invasive, uncomfortable, and expensive. While some patients may benefit from surgical procedures, you may not have to go ‘under the knife’ to experience relief. The DMR Method is nonsurgical, and it does not rely on medicine to relieve pain, which eliminates the risk of addiction or allergic reaction to medication.

What does The DMR Method Involve?

The most important step of DMR is diagnosing the root cause or your back or neck pain. Whether you suffer from an injury or illness, your back and neck pain have an underlying cause. Identifying what provokes or inflames your neck and back can help you causing additional damage and pain. For symptom management and recovery, the DMR method includes physical therapy, oscillation decompression therapy, and cold laser therapy.

Due to the consistent nature of the DMR Method treatment, you will receive the right treatments at the right time so that your body can heal more quickly. You will learn different exercises and stretches you can perform on your own to help reduce pain. Your doctor may even suggest dietary changes or the addition of vitamin and mineral supplements to aid in the pain reduction process.

How successful is the DMR method?

In clinical studies, 96 percent of patients experienced a significant reduction in pain after following the DMR method. In addition to being safer and more convenient than undergoing surgery, the success rate in reducing pain is better. For those who follow the program to completion, many still enjoy active, pain-free lives. With the DMR Method, you can lessen or eliminate pain, enjoy life more, and avoid undergoing an invasive procedure.

Is the DMR method right for me?

If you experience acute or chronic neck and back pain, consider the DMR method to help you reduce symptoms and return to the activities you enjoy. As with any medical procedure, you should always speak to your physician before you undertake any new treatment. The DMR method is convenient as you can schedule appointments to fit your schedule. The DMR Method offers longer-term recovery from pain.

In order to become a DMR Method patient, you must work with a qualified practitioner who’s trained in properly administering the DMR Method. The staff at Williams Integracare are experts in their field and are qualified DMR method practitioners. To learn more about the DMR method and how it might help you, request an appointment.

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