Provider Spotlight: Women’s Health Providers at Williams Integracare

Women’s health is an important issue, and at Williams Integracare Clinic, we prioritize medical care for all women. Whether it’s you, a friend, a sister, a daughter, or a loved one, we all have women in our lives who deserve the absolute best healthcare.

To help give you some more information about women’s health at Williams Integracare Clinic here’s some information about our women’s health specialists and the care you can expect at our clinic.

Meet Your Healthcare Providers

NicolePelach.pngNicole Pelach: Nicole is a family nurse practitioner with a Bachelor of Science degree from Winona State University and a Master’s Degree from St. Scholastica. She’s been with Williams Integracare since 2012, and along with being a women’s health specialist, she also focuses on family health, health issues management, prevention, and maintaining healthy lifestyles. Nicole loves taking care of patients of all ages, loves getting to know her patients, and above all else, loves seeing them heal and feel better.


MarkHalstrom.pngMark Halstrom: Mark is a family physician certified by the American Board of Family Practice, trained to handle everything from childbirth to senior care. While focusing on functional medicine as it relates to traditional family practice medicine, he is able to offer a broad range of medical services, prescribe medications and supplements, order tests, coach a healthy lifestyle, and perform surgery. He earned his M.D. from the University of Minnesota and joined the Williams Integracare team in March 2001. Dr. Halstrom is continually seeking knowledge, seeing new things, solving issues, and using information to truly help his patients.


JenniferPeterson.pngJennifer Peterson: Jennifer is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who joined Williams Integracare in January 2016. Jennifer is certified through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners to see patients across the lifespan from children to the elderly. Jennifer easily makes connections with patients to help them identify their healthcare needs and goals with a caring, holistic approach to their healthcare needs. Jennifer enjoys the sense of purpose she feels by helping her students pursue and achieve their goals of becoming registered nurses and the care students will provide to countless patients and families in their own careers.


JonathanScheer.pngJonathan Scheer: Jon is a Certified Nurse Practitioner through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. In the past, Jon worked as a paramedic and even taught in paramedic school. As an R.N., Jon has experience in charge nursing, critical care, and working as a preceptor for students and new hires. He is particularly passionate about the health of youth and has worked hard to continue his education. Jon became a healthcare provider because he enjoys helping others feel better and takes pride in working to help individuals improve their lives through good health. Jon is also motivated by the challenge and complexities of the human body. Every day is a little different! His favorite parts of being a healthcare provider are the interactions with his patients and the relationships he has the privilege of building with them.

Your Healthcare at Williams Integracare Clinic

At Williams Integracare, we understand women’s health is unique and women have specific medical needs. For instance, we know you’re more likely to suffer from osteoporosis, more likely to have an autoimmune disorder, and you have special reproductive and gynecological needs. We’ve consulted a number of women’s health specialists over the years, and together with our own providers, we offer unique and individualized care to help you treat and manage a variety of medical conditions and women’s health issues. Our plans include:

  • Heart disease program
  • Proven plans for permanent weight loss
  • Quit-smoking programs
  • Plans to help you manage diabetes and cholesterol
  • Dietary and nutrition plans to maintain overall health

Your good health isn’t just necessary for you — it’s also important to your friends and family. We know how important you are to the people in your life, and know that you deserve the kind of healthcare that will individualize treatments and care based on your personal needs and your needs as a woman.

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