The DMR Method: Understanding the Approach and Why It Works [Video]

If you or someone you know has experienced acute or chronic neck and back pain, you have a good idea of how much of a struggle it can be. Living with that pain and trying to find an effective treatment can be debilitating. The DMR Method, which I’ll explain in more detail, is a non-surgical method of care for individuals living with neck and back pain.

10 Healthy Halloween Treats and Recipes for Festive Snacking

Halloween is right around the corner, and along with it comes the temptation to indulge in sweet, sugary treats. But, there are ways to celebrate without hindering your health and wellness goals. We’ve gathered 10 healthy Halloween treats – along with their recipes – and included them below. There’s a little something for everyone, from kids to adults.

Active Care, Maintenance Care, and Medical Necessity: Explained

The idea that chiropractic care is not covered by insurance is, unfortunately, a reason some people don’t receive treatments. Especially when those same individuals learn someone else is getting their chiropractic treatments covered by insurance – sometimes even under the same insurance company. The truth of the matter is, insurance does cover chiropractic care. Don’t allow the fear of not being covered deter you from seeking the care you deserve.

Obamacare Summary: What Happens After the Election?

There’s nothing quite like a presidential election year. Despite best efforts to keep political conversations at bay, some always seem to sneak their way into daily life. I mean, how couldn’t it? Political coverage is in the media and in our news feeds, even if we don’t follow particularly political channels or websites.

Assessing Growing Pains and Your Child’s Health

What the human body is physically capable of is nothing short of miraculous. Human development is the process of growth and change that takes place between birth and maturity. Beyond your child getting taller, there are several changes in shape, composition, and distribution of your child’s bone, muscle, and tissue. While experiencing “growing pains” is a normal part of development, each child’s pain level and pain tolerance differs.

Breast Cancer: Awareness at All Levels

This time of year is unlike any other. The leaves are almost finished falling, the kids are excited about trick-or-treating, and hearty meals like soups and stews are making their way to the dinner table. At the moment, I’m looking forward to the end of raking leaves, counting how many Disney princesses ring my doorbell October 31st, and having honest, genuine conversations about breast cancer.

Nutritional Supplement Quality: Do’s and Don’ts

Many individuals today are turning to nutritional supplements as opposed to prescription medications. While everyone has their own reason why they believe nutritional supplements are the best alternative, there are a number of things that you need to know when purchasing these products. After all, you want to make sure you are purchasing a quality product, not something made with inferior ingredients. As such, where you purchase your supplements is integral to the overall integrity of the product.

Are You Receiving Olympic Athlete-Level Treatment?

The summer just wrapped up and with it, the end of the Rio Olympics. It was an action-packed and awe-inspiring few weeks of cheering for the USA, and the incredible display of performance, perseverance, and passion reminds me of how incredible the human body is. Some notable highlights for me include cheering for the local Olympians, including Alise Post, St. Cloud native who Silvered in Women’s BMX, and watching former Gopher David Plummer taking Bronze in swimming.

The Back to School Super Blog: Your All-in-One Guide to Prepping Your Kids

After a summer filled with memories, activities, sunshine, and rest, your kids (and you!) are gearing up to head back to school. With an expansive to-do list, seemingly endless errands to run, and preparations to tackle, we know how precious your time is this time of year. We wanted to help you and your family get into the healthy swing of things, so we’ve created a Back to School super blog. It’s filled with all the topics related to your kids including their schedules, their school supplies, and most important, their health. Just click on the link in each heading to find the related Williams Integracare Clinic blog.