Healthy Holiday Meal Planning: The Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas Calories

As the holidays approach, your meals tend to get sugarier, saltier, fattier, and overall worse for your health.


There are still many ways you can enjoy scrumptious seasonal suppers without the negative impact on your health. Here are some do’s and don’ts when hosting at holiday time to ensure everyone has healthy food options and feels their best!

DO Choose Whole Foods

Skip the prepackaged sides and stuffing mixes in favor of a side dish made from real, whole foods. A great option is a roasted root vegetable medley. You can peel and chop your vegetables well in advance and throw them all together to roast on a sheet pan in the oven. This makes preparation and clean-up very easy! Try this recipe for easy entertaining and healthy enjoyment.


Bonus tip: covering your sheet pan in aluminum foil will encourage the vegetables to cook evenly and allow you to just toss it in the trash (no washing the pan!) when you are done.


DO Try a New Recipe

If you always make the same thing every year, this is the time to reassess if it benefits your loved ones. It may taste good, but if it is not good for you then you should try a new recipe.


This list of holiday dishes has many recipes high in nutrients, low in fat, and will help you find the next star of your supper! The only catch: make the recipe at least once to practice before inviting guests to eat. It can be overwhelming trying to master a new recipe the day of your gathering.


DON’T Indulge In Drinks

While one glass of wine might be healthy for you, be careful to watch your drinks. Not only can it be dangerous to drink an excessive amount, it is very unhealthy for you. Serve light cocktails or low-calorie beer instead of traditional drinks like eggnog, which is high in fat.

DON’T Offer Too Many Sweets

Oftentimes, holiday parties have just as many dessert options as meal options. When guests have too many desserts they want to try, they eat less healthy food to save room for sweets.


Help your holiday guests make healthier choices by not giving them too many treats. When there is not an overload of dessert, your loved ones will indulge in more of the delicious roasted root veggies and sweet side salads.


These tips can help you serve a healthy holiday meal that is a huge hit! When planning meals this season, avoid processed food, try a new recipe, serve low-calorie drinks, and limit the sweets.



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