DMR Method: Three Steps to Lasting Relief [Infographic]

The DMR Method is a proven, research-based system of evaluation and treatment for neck and back pain. It is an integrative three-step clinical process that combines the expertise of physical therapists, chiropractors, and medical doctors to identify and treat the source of pain to provide lasting relief – even when other treatments have failed.

Three Steps to Lasting Relief

Patients of the DMR Method enter into a treatment protocol that is customized to their specific condition. The success of the DMR Method depends on following through and completing all three steps to lasting relief: Diagnose, Manage, Rehabilitate. Each step has specific goals and objectives, and when applied in the correct way at the correct time, patients of the DMR Method experience significant relief.

DMR Method Infographic

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DMR Method Infographic


  • Identify the root cause and contributing factors of your condition.
  • Identify conditions that may require advanced testing and treatment.


  • Develop a custom treatment protocol that specifically addresses your unique needs throughout your recovery.
  • Manage your care by closely monitoring your progress and facilitating collaboration between you and your treatment team.


  • Provide exceptional clinical care and patient educations.
  • Transition to a simple, specific, and sustainable independent self-care program that supports your long-term health.

To view the DMR Method in more detail, watch this video.

Diagnose, Manage, Rehabilitate

If you or a loved one has been suffering from a herniated disc, sciatica, stenosis, slippage of a vertebrae, numbness or pain in your extremities, or chronic back and neck pain, the DMR Method can be a valuable approach to your healing journey. When you feel it’s time to consult with a DMR Method clinic, schedule an appointment with Williams Integracare Clinic.

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