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The DMR Method: Understanding the Approach and Why It Works [Video]

If you or someone you know has experienced acute or chronic neck and back pain, you have a good idea of how much of a struggle it can be. Living with that pain and trying to find an effective treatment can be debilitating. The DMR Method, which I’ll explain in more detail, is a non-surgical method of care for individuals living with neck and back pain.

Foam Rollers: How to Improve Circulation, Mobility, & Prevent Injury Properly

If you haven’t already heard of the reemergence of foam rolling on the American fitness scene, you’re in luck. Foam rollers are increasing popular with individual of all fitness levels because the practice offers a variety of benefits. Whether you’re lifting weights for purpose of muscle-building and performance competitions or simply looking for a great recovery aid following strenuous fitness classes at the gym, foam rollers are the perfect tool.

What Physical Therapy is Not

Pain is not friendly. It’s nagging, aching, and uncomfortable. However, pain is usually our guide to something that is going on with our body. It’s a delicate issue. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. Your body deserves to be in tip-top shape, all of the time. Yes, you read that correctly. You deserve to feel your best.