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Breast Cancer: Awareness at All Levels

This time of year is unlike any other. The leaves are almost finished falling, the kids are excited about trick-or-treating, and hearty meals like soups and stews are making their way to the dinner table. At the moment, I’m looking forward to the end of raking leaves, counting how many Disney princesses ring my doorbell October 31st, and having honest, genuine conversations about breast cancer.

Top 8 Preventable Men’s Health Concerns

When it comes to motor vehicles, household structures, and lawn care, men typically lead the charge for routine maintenance. They realize that in these instances, a small amount of consistent effort helps avoid any larger issues from occurring. Sometimes I wonder why those who diligently perform oil changes and system checks on their vehicles don’t provide their bodies with the same level of upkeep. After all, routine maintenance is the key to keeping vehicles, and bodies, running better for longer.