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Are You Receiving Olympic Athlete-Level Treatment?

The summer just wrapped up and with it, the end of the Rio Olympics. It was an action-packed and awe-inspiring few weeks of cheering for the USA, and the incredible display of performance, perseverance, and passion reminds me of how incredible the human body is. Some notable highlights for me include cheering for the local Olympians, including Alise Post, St. Cloud native who Silvered in Women's BMX, and watching former Gopher David Plummer taking Bronze in swimming

Foam Rollers: How to Improve Circulation, Mobility, & Prevent Injury Properly

If you haven't already heard of the reemergence of foam rolling on the American fitness scene, you're in luck. Foam rollers are increasing popular with individual of all fitness levels because the practice offers a variety of benefits. Whether you're lifting weights for purpose of muscle-building and performance competitions or simply looking for a great recovery aid following strenuous fitness classes at the gym, foam rollers are the perfect tool.

3 Tips for Preventing Spring Sports Injuries

The grass is turning green and the temperatures are beginning to rise which can only mean one thing: spring is here. I don't know about you, but spring is always a favorite time of year around my house. For kids it means being able to run around outside, climb trees, and start their spring sports season.

As fun as sports are, it's important that you and your child know how to prepare for the upcoming season. Being prepared for softball or baseball season goes beyond sporting a new pair of cleats - it calls for knowing how to prevent and handle injuries when they arise. 

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Concussions: A Bang to the Brain

Concussions alter the way your brain functions. The word "concussion" itself was derived from the Latin word concutere, meaning to “shake violently.” Yikes, right? Concussions are not something to be shrugged off - ever. And because I feel so strongly about the education of concussions, concussion symptoms, and care, I'm going to dig into the science behind this traumatic brain injury - it's worth explaining.

Concussions & Your Student Athlete


As your student athlete heads back to school, they also head back to their teammates, practice, and the playing field. Between the Johnnies, Blazers, Huskies, Tigers, Spartans, Saints, and Eagles – there’s certainly no shortage of athletics in Central MN. I love to take in a game, and I love helping athletes feel top-notch.

What is Kinesio Tape?

Have you ever seen someone walking around the grocery store with bright blue tape up and down his or her arms? Or maybe your neighbor had orange tape all over his legs while mowing the lawn. No, this isn’t a new fashion trend. It’s kineseo tape, and it’s helping to heal muscles.

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Your Shoulder Muscles: Mobility, Strength, and Stability

As a Physical Therapist with nearly 20 years of experience, you can probably imagine the amount of injuries I've seen and worked with. And while hips and knees generally get a bit more media attention than shoulder muscles, the problems that affect those joints can also have debilitating effects on your shoulders. In fact, a lot of injuries throughout the body can affect your shoulder muscles. With the great local athletics we have at St. John's University, St. Cloud State, and our area school districts, shoulder injuries really do come in all shapes, sizes, and causes.

I have a real passion for the shoulder muscles and resolving shoulder injuries. In fact, I've spent time furthering my education with non-operative orthopedic medicine and treatment of the shoulder. If using your shoulder muscles during a golf swing, fishing cast, volleyball serve, swimming stroke, or even combing your hair or sitting at your desk causes you to cringe - don't assume it's nothing

At any time in your life if you are experiencing pain in your shoulders, consider your long-term health and get things checked out. Getting a shoulder injury diagnosis and potential physical therapy can make a world of difference in your day-to-day life. Below you'll find the common shoulder injuries and their symptoms, rehab, and therapy and how to avoid reinjury of your shoulder muscles...

Properly Prepare Your Body with these 8 Marathon Training Tips

Preparing your body and mind for a marathon is an arduous task.  However, it’s made much easier with proper planning and a solid schedule.  While you may think that you just need to get up and start running everyday to train, here are eight very important marathon training tips to follow as you aim for the finish line.

Tip 1:  Visit a Doctor for a Physical

It is always a smart idea to make a visit to a trusted doctor for a thorough physical.  Be sure your doctor understands the stresses your body will go through before and during a marathon.  Getting the “all clear” from your physician will ensure that your training and execution of the marathon is within your body’s ability.

What is a Baseline Concussion Test and Why Should Athletes Get One?

It is estimated that there are as many as 4-5 million sports related concussions per year in the United States. These aren’t just high impact sports that adults play either. Concussions rates are increasing among middle school aged players. Our young athletes are playing longer and harder these days and we’re seeing more and more concussions in younger players. Players at any level are susceptible to concussions. More competitive and older players are at a greater risk, but even children under 10 can be prone to concussions.

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10 Characteristics You Have in Common with Olympic Athletes

Olympians are believed to be the best of the best. But, at one point they started out as little league players and high school athletes – just like you. You’re not so different after all…