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Active Care, Maintenance Care, and Medical Necessity: Explained

The idea that chiropractic care is not covered by insurance is, unfortunately, a reason some people don’t receive treatments. Especially when those same individuals learn someone else is getting their chiropractic treatments covered by insurance – sometimes even under the same insurance company. The truth of the matter is, insurance does cover chiropractic care. Don't allow the fear of not being covered deter you from seeking the care you deserve.

Obamacare Summary: What Happens After the Election?

There’s nothing quite like a presidential election year. Despite best efforts to keep political conversations at bay, some always seem to sneak their way into daily life. I mean, how couldn’t it? Political coverage is in the media and in our news feeds, even if we don’t follow particularly political channels or websites.

Making the Most of Your HSA & Flex Spending Account Before Year End

After owning and practicing at Williams Integracare for years, I’ve found the two commonly used healthcare accounts (in addition to insurance) are Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex Spending Accounts (FSA). These accounts offer different options to families and differ in the ways they can be used at Williams Integracare. With the end of the year approaching, I thought I’d outline some of the differences if you have questions on your HSA or FSA, or are planning your medical contributions for 2016.

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The Ins and Outs of ObamaCare

You have probably heard the term “Obama Care” used on and off for the last few years, but do you know what ObamaCare is and how it will affect you? The problem for many people is that there has been so much information out there, that it is difficult to determine fact from fiction, and know exactly what is included in the official program. Below is some great information about the ins and outs of ObamaCare and to help you determine how the passage of this health care reform will affect you personally.


What Is Obama Care?

Do You Qualify for Outpatient Physical Therapy?

Outpatient physical therapy allows you to treat or recover from an injury, accident or surgery at home, with routine visits to a physical therapy facility. Depending on your treatment plan and recovery time, outpatient physical therapy could be something you take part in several times a week.

Auto Insurance Medical Coverage

Auto accidents can cause a wide variety of injuries ranging from minor cuts and bruises to breaks and paralysis. Most common injuries occur to the neck and lower back. Victims often have symptoms for up to 7 years after an accident. While we hope you never have to deal with the repercussions of an auto accident, we want you to be informed and prepared just in case you ever find yourself in this situation.

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