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Foam Rollers: How to Improve Circulation, Mobility, & Prevent Injury Properly

If you haven't already heard of the reemergence of foam rolling on the American fitness scene, you're in luck. Foam rollers are increasing popular with individual of all fitness levels because the practice offers a variety of benefits. Whether you're lifting weights for purpose of muscle-building and performance competitions or simply looking for a great recovery aid following strenuous fitness classes at the gym, foam rollers are the perfect tool.

5 Great Fitness Gifts for Your Fit-Minded Family & Friends

The holidays can be a stressful enough time for families – I get that. Then, when you think of adding the chore of trying to shop for everyone on your list - those feelings of merriment and holiday cheer can fade pretty quickly. We all have those people on our list: the one who seems to be impossible to buy for. Well, I’m here to help you with those fitness-loving, health nuts on your list with some go-to gift ideas.

Is CrossFit Safe? Read a Chiropractor’s Take on the Sport

If you type Is CrossFit safe? into Google, you’ll be met with 1,390,000 results. So, if you’ve wondered that same thing, I can tell you you’re not alone. As a chiropractor at Williams Integracare Clinic, I’ve been on both sides of the sport as an athlete, and as a healthcare provider to competitors of the sport. Here’s my take on whether or not CrossFit is safe, plus a little insight from a CrossFit competitor himself.

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