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Top 8 Preventable Men’s Health Concerns

When it comes to motor vehicles, household structures, and lawn care, men typically lead the charge for routine maintenance. They realize that in these instances, a small amount of consistent effort helps avoid any larger issues from occurring. Sometimes I wonder why those who diligently perform oil changes and system checks on their vehicles don’t provide their bodies with the same level of upkeep. After all, routine maintenance is the key to keeping vehicles, and bodies, running better for longer.

In honor of Men’s Health Month, I’m covering eight men’s health concerns that, with a little elbow grease, can be prevented or alleviated.  

Is Sugar the New Cocaine?

It’s January, which means we’re all being bombarded with articles and information at every turn touting New Year’s resolutions, better health choices, and what’s good for you, what’s the enemy, and all those scary headlines. What sense can be made of all of these, especially where sugar is concerned? Are the headlines true – is sugar just as bad for you as a drug addiction? I’ll share with you what I know from my experience as a provider at Williams Integracare Clinic.

Sugar vs. Artificial Sweetener

Which is better for you, sugar or artificial sweetener? This is a topic that still does not have a clear answer. Both have their benefits and disadvantages and can be great – depending on the situation. Below you’ll learn exactly what the differences in sugar vs. artificial sweetener and what situations they’re best suited for.

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What Causes Diabetes?

Diabetes, in its most basic state is a group of diseases caused by the body's inability to produce and/or use insulin. Each type is caused by varying factors.