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Nicole Pelach, R.N., C.N.P.

Nicole is a family nurse practitioner certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as well as a registered nurse certified by the Minnesota Board of Nursing. Nicole has been part of the Williams Integracare team since October 2012. Nicole provides primary care to patients of all ages, assisting her patients to achieve their highest level of wellness. She has a passion for pediatric patients and also enjoys the variety that family practice provides.
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Hormonal Imbalance: 9 Signs & Symptoms to Keep on Your Radar [Infographic]

Hormone balance is vital to women’s health. Your mood, cravings, weight loss/gain, and sex drive can all be a result of these messengers. When your body becomes unbalanced, it is subject to nutrient inadequacies, stress, and toxic influences. How do you know if you have a symptom of a hormone imbalance? I’m covering some of the common signs below.

Women are Different and Should be Medically Treated as Such

There is a multitude of health conditions and medical issues that affect women only or that affect women differently from men. Because of this, men and women do need unique medical care. Unfortunately, there are a few areas in the healthcare world where women don’t get the help, medical attention, or resources they need.

5 Common Signs of Hormonal Imbalance

What surprises a lot of people is that hormonal imbalances can affect both men and women – and of all ages. And although there are types of imbalances that are gender specific, I see many patients in Central Minnesota who are able to successfully treat hormonal imbalances with minor changes.

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How Do I Know if I'm Starting Menopause?

Menopause and menopause symptoms are an eventuality for all women. This biological inevitability is something every woman will go through at some point. And yet there are still many women who don’t know what it is, recognize the symptoms, or know how to tell if they're starting menopause.

6 Reasons Why You Have a Stomach Ache

You woke up and your stomach feels like it’s in knots, you feel crampy, bloated, and have diarrhea – what’s going on? Was it the pizza and beer from last night or have you been feeling like this more often than usual? Besides a case of food poisoning or heartburn, you might have a condition that is causing stomach aches and pain repeatedly. Your body is telling you something is wrong, now it’s time to listen. Here are the top six reasons why you have a stomach ache.

What’s the Craze About Macro Bowls?

You’ve probably seen these bowls on your newsfeed, plated so perfectly and gaining popularity. You may even be a bit envious of them. What is this delicious, colorful food that everyone is talking about?

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What You Need to Know about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Our bodies are extraordinary. They communicate our needs on a consistent basis: Are you hungry? Tired? Scared? Angry? Chances are your body knew and reacted before you were even aware of what was happening.

Is Sugar the New Cocaine?

It’s January, which means we’re all being bombarded with articles and information at every turn touting New Year’s resolutions, better health choices, and what’s good for you, what’s the enemy, and all those scary headlines. What sense can be made of all of these, especially where sugar is concerned? Are the headlines true – is sugar just as bad for you as a drug addiction? I’ll share with you what I know from my experience as a provider at Williams Integracare Clinic.

Health Tips for College Students

College is often that gray-area of time when students aren’t quite in the nest, but they’re not really out of the nest, either. And as parents, the worry and concern for our children never goes away, regardless of age or distance. As a mother and health provider, I’m always asking myself, “Is my child making the best choices, or living as healthy as possible?” Especially when it comes to college; I’m not there to really know how they’re doing. My advice to parents with similar concerns is, the next time you send a care package or call to check in, consider these tips for your student’s best health.

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Are Nutritional Deficiencies to Blame for Your Cravings?

It’s normal to crave certain foods; it’s a phenomenon that happens to everyone. Sugar. Salt. Comfort food. A triple-shot-extra-foam-add-caramel-latte. Listening to your body and giving it the best holistic support you can is important. But is what you crave an indicator of what you’re missing? As a family nurse practitioner at Williams, I’m passionate about prevention and maintenance of healthy lifestyles. I’d love to help you learn a little bit more about what your body is telling you.