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DMR Method: The Essence of Collaborative Care

Collaborative care has always been at the foundation of Williams Integracare Clinic. We've built our practice and our name by embracing what makes us different: our emphasis on looking at your injury from every angle while offering every possible solution. After all, you are a single person with physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs - all of which are affected by injury and worthy of attention. While most health care professionals insist on viewing your condition from their perspective only, we see things differently. 

DMR Method: Three Steps to Lasting Relief [Infographic]

The DMR Method is a proven, research-based system of evaluation and treatment for neck and back pain. It is an integrative three-step clinical process that combines the expertise of physical therapists, chiropractors, and medical doctors to identify and treat the source of pain to provide lasting relief – even when other treatments have failed.

DMR Method: The Recovery Curve

The DMR Method's recovery curve is used to explain how the body recovers when it receives proper, timely treatment. The recovery curve was created after the clinical observation of thousands of patients following a predictable path throughout treatment. It's important for patients to move through each of the three phases of the recovery curve before discontinuing treatment. If treatment discontinues prematurely, your same symptoms, pains, and discomforts are likely to return. 

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DMR Method: The Progression of a Slipped Disc

One of the undervalued components of healing is understanding. Many people facing disease and disability seek solutions and treatments without fully understanding their condition. The ability to understand and address all of the ways a condition causes pain and affects your quality of life comes with valuable benefits. Specifically, learning a condition's cause and impact is an important part of the recovery process. When patients understand their condition, they also understand the reasoning behind the steps in their recovery process, and they're more likely to follow their self-care program consistently.  

DMR Method: The Three Pillars of Body Mechanics

The human body is a complex system of many interconnected parts. We have bones, muscle, tendons, organs, tissue, and other systems all working together, functioning as a single organism. Every component is important and responsible for its own set of functions.

The DMR Method: Understanding the Approach and Why It Works [Video]

If you or someone you know has experienced acute or chronic neck and back pain, you have a good idea of how much of a struggle it can be. Living with that pain and trying to find an effective treatment can be debilitating. The DMR Method, which I’ll explain in more detail, is a non-surgical method of care for individuals living with neck and back pain.

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10 Healthy Halloween Treats and Recipes for Festive Snacking

Halloween is right around the corner, and along with it comes the temptation to indulge in sweet, sugary treats. But, there are ways to celebrate without hindering your health and wellness goals. We've gathered 10 healthy Halloween treats - along with their recipes - and included them below. There's a little something for everyone, from kids to adults.

Use these tested and approved healthy Halloween recipes for festive snacking and spooky entertaining. And, you can do it without the next-day sugar crash. If you have any favorite healthy diet recipes for Halloween treats – share them with us by commenting at the end of this blog.

Active Care, Maintenance Care, and Medical Necessity: Explained

The idea that chiropractic care is not covered by insurance is, unfortunately, a reason some people don’t receive treatments. Especially when those same individuals learn someone else is getting their chiropractic treatments covered by insurance – sometimes even under the same insurance company. The truth of the matter is, insurance does cover chiropractic care. Don't allow the fear of not being covered deter you from seeking the care you deserve.

Obamacare Summary: What Happens After the Election?

There’s nothing quite like a presidential election year. Despite best efforts to keep political conversations at bay, some always seem to sneak their way into daily life. I mean, how couldn’t it? Political coverage is in the media and in our news feeds, even if we don’t follow particularly political channels or websites.

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Assessing Growing Pains and Your Child's Health

What the human body is physically capable of is nothing short of miraculous. Human development is the process of growth and change that takes place between birth and maturity. Beyond your child getting taller, there are several changes in shape, composition, and distribution of your child’s bone, muscle, and tissue. While experiencing “growing pains” is a normal part of development, each child’s pain level and pain tolerance differs.