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The Back to School Super Blog: Your All-in-One Guide to Prepping Your Kids

After a summer filled with memories, activities, sunshine, and rest, your kids (and you!) are gearing up to head back to school. With an expansive to-do list, seemingly endless errands to run, and preparations to tackle, we know how precious your time is this time of year. We wanted to help you and your family get into the healthy swing of things, so we’ve created a Back to School super blog. It’s filled with all the topics related to your kids including their schedules, their school supplies, and most important, their health. Just click on the link in each heading to find the related Williams Integracare Clinic blog.

Bulletproof Coffee: Is it Good For You?

Is coffee healthy and what is the rage with Bulletproof coffee, MCT oils, and good fats? How can good fats make me lose more weight? I will answer your questions here in this blog.

Breastfeeding + Chiropractic Care = a Natural Match

August is National breastfeeding awareness month and whether you are an expectant mom, a new mom who is breastfeeding, or you are a mom with older children, this article is for you! I will explore different ways you can benefit from chiropractic care and breastfeeding and detail how they go hand in hand. Even if you're not nursing, make sure to check out the tips below as they can help you raise happy, healthy kids.

Five Tips for a Healthy Start to the School Year

Summer is a wonderful time of year. And, summer in Central Minnesota is unrivaled. As fun as summer can be, it is also a time when routines and schedules tend to go out the window as children enjoy a welcome break from school. As you prepare your children to go back to school, it can be helpful to have tips to help guide you in getting your children ready for the fall. If you want your kids to have a healthy return to school, consider following these helpful tips for a strong start to your student's educational calendar year. 

The Truth About Water Sport Injury: Prevention, Detection, and Treatment

The warmer weather of summer draws millions of Americans out onto the water. Whether you live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and spend your summer boating, or you vacation closer to the ocean and love to surf or parasail, the joy of a day on the water can quickly turn to pain in the event you suffer a water sport injury. Although activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, and tubing, just to name a few, seem like fun and leisurely activities, it doesn't take much for these activities to result in injuries that can plague you for weeks or months to come.

Your UV IQ: How Smart About the Sun Are You?

When the sun finally returns and warm temperatures lure Americans outside, many forget the flip side of exposure to the sun. Harmful UV rays can do more than give you a painful sunburn after a day on the lake or lounging at the beach. July is UV safety month in the United States, and this post will offer you a test of your UV IQ. How much do you really know about UV rays, and are you giving enough consideration to sun safety by protecting your body from the harmful side of those warm summer rays?

Foam Rollers: How to Improve Circulation, Mobility, & Prevent Injury Properly

If you haven't already heard of the reemergence of foam rolling on the American fitness scene, you're in luck. Foam rollers are increasing popular with individual of all fitness levels because the practice offers a variety of benefits. Whether you're lifting weights for purpose of muscle-building and performance competitions or simply looking for a great recovery aid following strenuous fitness classes at the gym, foam rollers are the perfect tool.

Meet Make a Difference Scholarship Recipient, Jocelyne Kleinsmith

I’m honored to announce our Make a Difference Scholarship recipient. Read all about this incredible service-driven, compassionate, difference-maker in the blog below.

Vertigo: Managing the Spinning and Dizziness Episodes

As children, we experience dizziness as an act of play. I remember time spent whirling around a miniature carousel at the playground, seeing who could make the most revolutions in a tire swing, and being blindfolded and spun around before swinging at a piñata. It’s true, the act of spinning is a feeling like none other, and the wobbly footsteps that came after a good spin are something most children can remember. I know I can.  

Although for some, spinning and dizziness isn’t associated with carefree childhood memories. For individuals affected by vertigo, that same spinning feeling causes feelings of fear, uncertainty, and nausea.


6 Reasons Why You Have a Stomach Ache

You woke up and your stomach feels like it’s in knots, you feel crampy, bloated, and have diarrhea – what’s going on? Was it the pizza and beer from last night or have you been feeling like this more often than usual? Besides a case of food poisoning or heartburn, you might have a condition that is causing stomach aches and pain repeatedly. Your body is telling you something is wrong, now it’s time to listen. Here are the top six reasons why you have a stomach ache.