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5 Healthy Holiday Treats & Recipes

We love the Holiday season, who doesn’t? It’s full of festive cheer, friends and family gathers, and of course – delicious treats and sweets. Unfortunately, many of those goodies cause us to ditch our diets and healthy eating habits. While it is ok (and often encouraged) to “splurge” now and then (you’ve got to enjoy yourself), there are still plenty of ways you can stay healthy and guilt-free while you indulge in some holiday goodies. We’ve chosen five different healthy holiday treats and recipes that are fun to make, and delicious to eat. Enjoy!


1. Fruity Fun Grinch Heads:

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Proper Shoveling Techniques

Across the United States, Old Man Winter is rolling into town. It’s the time of year when millions across the country break out the boots, hats, and gloves in preparation for a long, cold winter. With winter comes the inevitable task of dealing with falling snow. If you live in a region that receives frequent snowfall (like us in Central Minnesota), you’ll spend countless hours this winter bending, twisting, and lifting to remove snow from your driveway, walkway, patio, and deck.

It’s a dirty task, but it has to be done. According to WebMD, an average of 11,000 adults and children wind up in hospitals every year with injuries resulting from snow shoveling. A 17-year study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine (2011) found that 195,000 people in the US were treated in emergency rooms for snow shoveling injuries between 1990 and 2006. How can you prevent yourself from becoming one of those individuals? With these helpful snow shoveling techniques and tips, you’ll be safe each time you head out.

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Does Turkey Make You Sleepy?

If you have ever filled up your plate on Thanksgiving Day with your favorite holiday foods, such as turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, and pumpkin pie, you may have become extremely sleepy when you were done eating. This is a very common problem people experience on Thanksgiving Day. You may be wondering why you get sleepy after indulging in delicious food…

Most people contribute this problem to the turkey and claim that too much turkey can make your very sleepy. Even though this claim has been around for decades, we’re left wondering: does turkey make you sleepy or is this just a myth? Let’s take a closer look at how turkey affects your body and what may cause food to make you doze off after eating. 

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Side Effects of Birth Control

Birth control contraceptives are used by millions of women throughout the country. The main purpose of these contraceptives is to prevent pregnancy. When taken correctly, these pills can be up to 99.9% effective. However, as with any medication, there are some side effects of birth control. Some of these side effects are seen as positive while others are considered negative side effects. Below is a closer look at birth control and its side effects. 

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Can Weather Cause Aches and Pains?

The belief that various weather factors can cause an increase in aches and pains in the human body has been around for thousands of years. If you suffer from pain or aches, or you know someone who does, you may be surprised by how accurately the pain can predict that cold, damp weather is coming. This may lead you to wonder if it is possible that weather causes aches and pains, or intensifies a person’s pain - and it does. Below is a closer look at the relationship between the body and weather.


Does Weather Really Affect Your Body?

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What is Ebola? And other Frequently Asked Questions

The current Ebola crisis is presenting serious concerns for the population at large, be it in the US or globally. However, since gaining knowledge is half the battle; let this information be your guide to ensure your safety, as misinformation can cause unnecessary panic.

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Napping: Fact vs. Myth

Most adults are reluctant to take a nap. While many of us tend to grow out of our napping phase, there are many benefits of napping and keeping naps as part of your daily routine. Like anything that involves your health, there are several myths about napping that you should be aware of.

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The 411 on Fish Oil

Fish oil has been a favorite herbal remedy for quite some time, mostly due to its high omega-3 fatty acid content. Omega-3 is found in a number of different foods, including fish, shellfish, and flaxseed. They are very beneficial to the human body; however, you would have to eat a lot to see the true benefits of having it in your system.

The reason fish oil is chosen as opposed to other oils with Omega-3 content is due to the additional minerals it contains. There are many different benefits of fish oil; fish are naturally high in protein, vitamins, and minerals while being low in saturated fat. This makes it easier to incorporate into special diets. 

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The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil - Infographic

The benefits of essential oils seems to be endless. As we've covered in our previous blog, The Power of Lavender Essential Oil, this essential oil has numerous qualities that can aide in healing, comfort, and relief. Not only does this oil offer a plethora of positive effects, it is completely natural. See the infographic below for more benefits of lavender essential oil... 

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Sugar vs. Artificial Sweetener

Which is better for you, sugar or artificial sweetener? This is a topic that still does not have a clear answer. Both have their benefits and disadvantages and can be great – depending on the situation. Below you’ll learn exactly what the differences in sugar vs. artificial sweetener and what situations they’re best suited for.

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